Beautiful, natural and long lasting timber plantation shutters are furniture for windows.  More versatile than any other window furnishing, they can be custom made to a large range of shapes without compromising on function.  They offer excellent insulation properties and suit all types of homes, whether traditional or contemporary. 

Plantation shutters are a series of timber blades that sit inside panels and tilt independently on each panel.  The panels can be hinged and opened like a door to fully expose the window or door it is attached to.  They can also be made as sliding panels, fixed panels (for ‘hole in the wall’ applications) or bi-folded. Plantation shutters can even be fitted to French doors and sliding doors with neat cut outs to allow for existing door handles.

All plantation shutters are custom made and come in a comprehensive range of shapes. They can be controlled using a tilt rod that can be centred or offset depending on your wishes. Alternatively, you can opt for invisible clear-view rotation.

There are 14 shades of white to choose from and black is also available. If you are looking for colour, we can have plantation shutters custom painted for you in any standard paint colour. You can also opt to have your shutters stained in a wide variety of tones or custom stained to suit your needs.

While timber plantation shutters are the most popular, the aluminium shutter is unsurpassed for outdoor use and is great as a fully functional moveable screen that is heat and water resistant. A sound alternative to external timber shutters, aluminium shutters never need painting. 

We offer you a fully comprehensive service, from measuring and quoting to the installation of your plantation shutters.

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