Drapes offer the very best in insulation, especially when you choose to use separate lining layer. The space between the layers creates an air pocket, providing superior insulation from hot and cold weather. Using back-coated fabrics just doesn’t have the same effect.

Drapes also help with noise reduction. The fabric traps sound waves, reducing echo problems that can be caused by hard surfaces in the home. Textured, rough surface fabrics are particularly good for noise reduction, and the addition of bumph lining can provide an even better solution. 

You can choose from many varied types of fabrics (silks, linens, velvets, cottons, polyester) and a range of colours, patterns, styles and textures. We believe drapes should reflect your home and personality. Drapes have enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. The latest trend is to use a combination of drapes and blinds or plantation shutters throughout the home. This way you can have the window furnishing that best suits each space. 

Another recent trend is the use of new and interesting prints. Contemporary designs with a limited pallet of colours are particularly popular. There is also a growing emphasis on quirky designs featuring, for example, letters and numbers, building, street scapes and even pens and pencils. There are options to suit all tastes.

Elegant Concepts has an enormous range of fabrics to suits all styles and budgets. Make sure you drop in to have a look through our range, and to organise a comprehensive on-site quote.