The thermal benefits of curtains

Have you ever gone to a bare window in the middle of winter and felt the cold draft coming off the window? Or in the middle of summer with the sun beaming through and instantly heating up your room?

I would have believed it had something to do with the minimal glazing on a window. This isn’t always the case. Before you look into triple gazing your windows, a properly made, and lined curtain, may be your easiest solution. 

By installing lined curtains on bare windows you will eradicate any heat escaping or cold air coming in to the room, given that your windows are in good condition.

How does this work? The lined curtain creates a pocket of air between the window and the curtain, creating a form of insulation from the outside temperatures. 

Also, during the warmer months, a lined curtain will block any direct sunlight coming into the room, which will also save your furniture and carpets from fading.

Long gone are the days of thinking that a curtain is best suited to an older generation’s house. The fabrics available go from the plainest to the most extraordinary. Fabrics are also available to suit the budget savvy, with most clients being surprised by the cost of a curtain compared to a blind.

Curtains also soften a window frame and a room. They offer a more “homely” feel and create a more inviting space to live in. 

Don’t settle for a window covering that “will do for now” go for something that will not only look fantastic on the eye, but also save you money on your heating & cooling bills.