Selecting the right colour

Sometimes selecting the product you want can be the easiest task and but selecting the colour you would like, can be very daunting.

There are so many different colours and textures in the fabrics, and this in itself can have you second guessing on what you would like to see in your home. 

There are a few things that we like to take into consideration before selecting a colour. It depends on your flooring and wall colours, the size of the room and also the overall impact you would like to gain from that room. For example; we have used rich brown coloured velvet curtains on every wall in a theatre room and a plain white roller blind, on a white arc in the kitchen. You could use many different colours in a room, but it depends on if you want to make a feature of something, or have it blend in, and not stand out. 

Sometimes particular rooms require a certain mood. Many people like bedrooms to be a haven of calm, and will opt for pale colours, or in a child’s play room, you may opt for something a little fun or brighter.

The safest and most popular colour option we see through our store is a neutral colour or something that contrasts with floors and walls. Our most popular fabric is “Zepel – Hometown” & “Warwick – Chambray”. Both have a fantastic colour range to suit any home and décor, and both have a different handle/feel.

But just because something is more popular than another, we suggest that you browse through our extensive range of fabrics, and find something that resonates with yourself and your home. Nothing feels more like home, than something you have selected and you are proud to look at every day, and just remember, the final decision is personal.

If you are still questioning want colour you should use, another option is to coordinate window furnishings with colour accents, so when making your decision, you might think about the tones and textures of your sofa, a major artwork or rug. Colour can effectively set a mood or a scene.

When coming into our store, if you can, bring a sample of your flooring and wall colours, or even a photo of your room, and let your imagination run wild. Or if you cannot bring it in, we offer a free on – site quoting service, and we can bring out whatever samples you would like to see in the home. 

You only want to do this once. If you feel you are completely out of your comfort zone, speak to the experts for advice and suggestions.